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Sometimes there are certain situations we can’t handle ourselves which end up affecting our lives and relationships.

Starting therapy can help you face and overcome your conflicts. Through self-knowledge you can achieve complete personal development.

As a therapist my job is to offer support through listening and conversation to those who seek meaningful and lasting personal change.

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Alan Verdun

My name is Alan and I’m a graduate from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

I specialize in clinical work with adults and teenagers. My approach is based on psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic model of the mind, but I also use cognitive, behavioral and mindfulness tools that can be useful in certain cases.

Starting form talking and listening , psychological therapy offers a safe and confident space, where we can talk about what happens in the most intimate of our being. Therapy is a place we give  ourselves. The goal is to offer a different view about behaviours, facts and situations that cause distress, to build new possibilities and have more freedom to act and relate with others.

Sessions are tailored to the needs and intentions of the patient. Therapy isn’t about showing how to live life, but instead offering resources to accomplish meaningful personal and social change. Contact me for a free first interview where we can see what best suits you.

Benefits of therapy


Conflict resolution

Discover tools for handling conflicts.


Treatment of anxiety

Anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, fears, phobias


Support in crisis

Loss, break ups, loneliness.


Polishing communication skills.

Improve family and social relationships.


Boost your self-confidence

Expand self-love and learn to cherish both our virtues and defects.


Deal with emotions and impulses

Develop strategies to handle and understand what we feel.



Encouraging understanding yourself for a thorough personal development.


Developing consciousness.

Learn our personal history  and what’s coming..



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